About Us

The Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce (JBCC) is an autonomous organization of businesses and individuals aimed at promoting commerce and industry. It is a voluntary organization of the Black Business community here in Jacksonville, Florida. Its objective is to unite Black businesses, Black professional individuals and students in institutions of higher learning who will become a central force for enhancing the success of survivability of Black businesses, as well as being designed for improving execution of business and building a better community. The JBCC is a local advocate for member businesses and lobbies on the local, regional and state levels on issues and legislation that affect the Black business community. We accomplish our objectives through building relationships with elected officials and educating them on the needs and position of the local Black Business Community.


The JBCC is the backbone and springboard through which Black businesses and prospective Black entrepreneurs can confidently use in mapping their business strategy. We are positioned to enable our members to accomplish business objectives collectively, where it may have become impossible to attain such success individually. Through membership drive, our strength lies in attracting a considerable number of Black business owners and individual professionals who will help create a pool of intellectual business ideas and resources from which business ideas can be mapped for business planning, control, management and finances. We are positioned to increase wealth and prosperity in the Black business community by mostly facilitating growth of existing businesses and fostering new ones.


The mission of the Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce (JBCC) is to spur the economic development of Black businesses by increasing business opportunities such as: securing vital import and export contracts, providing access to major corporate markets, legislative awareness, advocating access to capital on behalf of its membership, providing quality educational training programs that emphasize economic development, ownership and sound wealth building.